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Tarot Of Timeless Truth Store

The first edition of Tarot Of Timeless Truth is down to the last few decks. You can purchase on of the original set for $75 CAD but these will not be available much longer.

A new project is underway to create a second edition of this deck. Tarot Of Timeless Truth will receive a facelift; we are painting the images so will be moving away from the photo realistic look but the images will be powerful, bright and include the features that made Tarot Of Timeless Truth the kind of deck that stands out from the rest. We will post updates on the front page to keep everyone informed about progress, and expected date of availability.

Tarot Of Timeless Truth Deck, First Edition

Tarot Of Timeless Truth DeckAn enchanting Tarot deck that speaks to Heart and mind, soul and spirit. This deck will surely become a cherished addition to your Tarot collection.

Cost: $75 CAD
Please contact Leila Vey if you are interested in purchasing a First Edition  Tarot Of Timeless Truth deck.

Tarot Of Timeless Truth Companion Book, First Edition

The Tarot Of Timeless Truth Companion Book contains over 200 pages of resources, descriptions, meanings, background information, spreads and more. This book is written to help you intuitively read and integrate the energies of each card into your consciousness. Get to know your Tarot Of Timeless Truth deck intimately with this full colour electronic book available in PDF , ePub, Kindle or Kobi formats.

Cost: $9.95 CAD
Please contact Leila Vey if you are interested in purchasing the Tarot Of Timeless Truth companion eBook.

Tarot Of Timeless Truth for Orphalese

Tarot Of Timeless Truth for Orphalese TarotOrphalese Tarot is a software tarot program that allows users to manipulate and deal cards as they would with a regular deck. Some of the many features include online sharing of readings and spreads, unlimited spreads, reversed cards, ability to save readings, customizeable card and reading notes, and amazing customizability. Best of all, there is an unlimited trial on this program. If you choose to register, the price is a true bargain. Most readers enjoy handling a physical deck, but this program is the next best thing. Also, it allows a perfect interface with which you can share readings with others. Be sure to check out the impressive list of features at Orphalese Tarot.

Tarot Of Timeless Offers a fully annoted (meanings for upright and reversed cards) deck of cards for Orphalese Tarot. The cards are very easy to install and also come with a Tarot of Timeless Truth background and card backs.

Cost: $9.95 CAD
Please contact Leila Vey if you are interested in purchasing Tarot Of Timeless Truth for Orphalese Tarot.