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I wish to thank all the people who have sent such encouraging comments. It is, indeed, heartening to receive such a positive response! If you would like to send comments or feedback, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to post them on this page.

Some highlights from the positive comments I have received

The Meta Arts – Magazine for the Metaphysical, Spiritual and Healing Communities:
Tarot Deck Review by Bonnie Cehovet, Tarot Master. Please click here to check it out.

Received Tarot of Timeless Truth in the mail yesterday evening….and I LOVE it! The graphics remind me of Sacred Circle, but with much more clarity and straight forward symbolism. The images used are truly “timeless” and universal. Normally, I find keywords distracting and annoying, but enjoy the clarity of the ones that you chose and the unobtrusiveness of placement and print. This is a deck that I believe will work well for readings and equally well for serious study. And this is a deck that needs to be widely promoted and distributed. I hope that you will pursue publication with U.S. Games or one of the other large publishers. Thank you for an excellent work of art and an excellent interpretation of tarot.

~ Connie

Tarot Of Timeless Truth CardsBeautiful deck and explanations…you have a great vision!

I am a total beginner so I did a 3 spread (dealt from top) and 3 individual card pulls (fanned and picked).

The second pulled card (in relation to all the others) made tears drop from my eyes. So right on! I know it’s my knowledge…but to see it brought forth in the cards is an “eye opener”!

I admire the work you have gone to for this beautiful creation; it is very special and unique.

I have toyed with the idea of getting a deck…but then I “happened upon” (was led to) “Tarot Of Timeless Truth”. It really felt like the right deck, so I ordered it, and I am very pleased to be starting this journey with TOTT. So multi dimensional and the depth not only of the images but of the explanations and the questions…alot of YOU went into this creation!!!

~ Theresa

Thank you so much, Leila! I received my book and cards the day after Christmas! I love them! They are every bit as beautiful as I imagined they would be. I am excited to have them now, and look forward to doing readings with this outstanding set of cards! I am more than pleased with my purchase. They are wonderful!

~ Sharon

I think there’s lots of room for different kinds of decks, but one thing we don’t see too much of is decks with a lot of heart, and I think you’ve put a lot of heart into your deck. I also appreciate that in creating the deck, unlike the Sacred Circle, you honored the Golden Dawn traditions which most of us have by now internalized, so that we don’t have to relearn everything all over again, and instead can let the lovely pictures enhance and deepen our understanding of those Golden Dawn attributions.

~ L.B.

Tarot Of Timeless Truth CardsI am in love with the Tarot of Timeless Truth… It is what I wanted, and more, from the Sacred Circle Tarot… But I was disappointed by that deck, because its gorgeous Majors were not matched by its Minors… The Timeless Truth Tarot though, has used the same artistic media, only better, and its Minors are just as impressive as its Majors. I also love the new takes on some of the cards…

I think I could really read with that deck. Hope the creator finds a publisher soon.

The Gilded Tarot is also gorgeous, and it’s down on my wishlist as well. Though the Tarot of Timeless Truth is above it on the wishlist!

~ K. (Excerpt from Forum post at Aeclectic

. . . This is a deck for which I am especially eager to add to my Tarot practice. After you take a look at these outstanding cards, you can see how the images themselves speak volumes! The cards seem to come to life before your very eyes, and if they can do this on a webpage . . . just imagine the insightful messages you can receive by holding the cards in your hands!

. . . She has put a lot of love, care, and beauty into her work, and her efforts have created a deck which I know will be richly rewarding for all who use it or receive a reading with this deck. It’s certainly one I know that I will treasure, and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas — with the excitement and anticipation of having the opportunity to purchase Tarot of Timeless Truth 🙂

~ V.

I was drawn to the Sacred Circle Tarot ……. but something was not quite right. I wanted to like it ….. but somehow I couldnt bond with it.

The Timeless Truth deck manages to combine that old pagan feel with a more modern edge, that enables me to relate and take inspiration from it.

~ L.L. (Excerpt from Forum post at Aeclectic

Truly, this is one of the most beautiful and insightful images I`ve seen. I already have about 30 decks and usually take a lot of time making some research about authors and artist. Still I know nothing about you, but the impressions your images left me, are boundless and unforgettable.

I live in Puerto Rico and I’ve been reading the tarot for quite a time… let me know when your beautiful deck is available. I will like to buy one….

I wish the light of the Star and the fulfillment of The World in your Tarot selling quest.

~ Aurora, Puerto Rico

I have just seen your deck appear on Aeclectic Tarot, and wanted to drop a note telling you how much I loved it. In my experience I could count on one hand – easily – how many decks REALLY speak to me – and yours is one!!

I really liked the Sacred Circle Tarot – the pagan feel – as I am Scottish – however, there was something missing. Your deck was what I was really looking for. The real people really strike a chord.

Anyway – I hope you can find a publisher because it is proving to be quite a popular deck.

~ Lorna, Scotland,

wow…the Timeless Truth is really inspired! Universe (the World) is kaleidescope of color. The author has done an amazing job on this deck putting together the pictures and symbols. I really hope that it finds a publisher. I also like the write up she has done for each of the cards.

~ O. (Excerpt from Forum post at Aeclectic

That Tarot of Timeless Truths really stands out.


it’s a photo montage, sure, but the colors tie it all together. Wish there was a review for it. I think I like it better than the Guilded, for some reason (the borders maybe?).

~ H.G. (Excerpt from Forum post at Aeclectic

. . . I absolutely LOVE your Tarot cards and can’t wait to have the opportunity to purchase a set! . . . I will also mention your site and cards in my next newsletter, scheduled to come out July 6th. I have several Tarot readers on my list, and I know they will appreciate your beautiful cards as much as I do.

~ V.A.,

Beautiful – Gorgeous Deck!!

I cant wait to USE them! Please contact me when they are available!

I am sure you have viewed the Healing Tarot, which is another beautiful deck, but it can not compare to your work. I was totally intrigued when i came across your art. It just really made a “connection” with me. . .

~ D.

For a photo collage deck, the Tarot of Timeless Truth achieves a unity and wholeness often not seen in such kinds of decks. Truly a breathtaking piece of tarot art. I do hope it gets published soon.

~ B.F. (Excerpt from Forum post at Aeclectic

Today I received “Tarot of Timeless Truth”. Very beautiful and impressive! I’m so happy. Thanks for your kindness!

~ S.T.

I Love the deck . They are Beautiful !!!

~ R.B., New Jersey

I love your tarot of timeless truth cards with all the corespondences. Beautifully presented.

~ Lynne H.

It is so evocative!

~ C.H.

This is just a note to say I found your Tarot designs quite lovely. I

created my own Major Arcana . . . and it is in the Vol. lll of Stuart Kaplan’s

“Encyclopedia of the Tarot,” . . .

I don’t know the method you used to create your cards, but the results

are beautiful. More power to you!

~ R.G.

(I) looked at your deck on the Website and fell in love with it!!!!

Thanks! and beautiful job and artwork on your cards!

~ L.H.

These are gorgeous! A must have . . .

~ D.B.

[Tarot Of Timeless Truth] is just what I am looking for! . . . Love the deck and must have it:)

~ Elita

What a beautiful site you have!! The artwork on the tarot deck is exquisite . . . I will be sure to pass your link along to those who will benefit from such a lovely and informative site!

Much success and abundance to you!

~ M.

I have enjoyed using your Tarot spreads very much; very insightful and I really enjoy your interpretations, so please let me know when this pack becomes available commercially, as I love the artwork too. Thanks for your insights which have come at a very important turning point in my life. . .

~ M.D.