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About Leila Vey

Leila Vey

My Background . . .

I come from a long line of artists and musicians. My own mother was a very talented artist. She was one of those people who was good at absolutely everything. She pursued art as her career and, though I have some ability in that area, I chose to focus on writing and music. I am a teacher, spiritual guide, and counsellor and use music, sound and art as a vehicle for personal and spiritual healing and transformation.

Other than childhood drawings, the first time I really applied myself to visual art was shortly after my mother died, when I drew a portrait of her. Amazingly enough, it captured her spirit perfectly, and she now watches over me in my studio.

The greatest gift I got from my mother was the freedom to explore spirituality without fear, dogma or restraint. Together we explored past lives and discussed metaphysics at great length. My love for Spirit and passion for spiritual exploration, meditation and enlightenment has continued throughout my life and is the singlemost defining factor in who I am today.

My History With Tarot . . .

I got hooked on Tarot a long time ago. Their images captured my imagination and whispered a timeless truth to me in ways that deeply moved my soul. Tarot cards told me stories about people and situations that were often validated later to my unceasing amazement.

Then, one day, my tarot deck stopped working. No matter what I did, my beloved cards played games with me that left me frustrated and on the hunt for a new deck with which I could recapture the magic. I searched for several years, pouring over scores of lovely decks, and I collected a fair assortment of beautiful cards. Most of my new decks “worked” for a few weeks and then just stopped. The last few decks I purchased didn’t even draw a spark.

It suddenly dawned on me that the exact deck I have been looking for has not yet been created, and I realized that I must use my own abilities to create what I was looking for. I realized there was nothing wrong with the decks I had, but the time had come for me to add my own small voice to the vast choir.

I began creating images that I was looking for and could respond to. In honour of my own heritage, I chose to use the ancient Northern European culture from which to draw my images. I have chosen to use a surreal photographic style, rich with colour and symbolism. My cards are not limited to a specific time frame, but draw upon images spanning thousands, even tens of thousands of years. The images, however, are just as relevant to life today as they would have been in ancient times. That is the magick of Truth, and this is why I have named my blossoming deck the Tarot of Timeless Truth.

Creating this deck and writing the book was an exciting odyssey for me. Imagine having the luxury of meditating on tarot for fourteen to eighteen hours per day, seven days a week for over three months! I went into the project, feeling called to express what I knew, and came out at the end completely transformed. As a result, I am all of those archetypes, all of those people, all those circles, trees and animals that you see in my tarot images. I feel as if I finally grew into my spiritual roots, heritage, and birthright. What a gift this has been for me!

My Beliefs . . .

My work is highly personal, and what I share of myself through my cards is very intimate. As such, I feel it is a good idea to put it all out there with respect to my personal belief system, so that you, as a potential reader of my cards, will understand where the cards come from and who is behind them.

First of all, I want to say that one’s spirituality is an individual journey, and is very private. My goal is not to win anyone to my way of thinking, but if my work can help others evolve more fully into his or her own truth, then it is truly worthwhile. Hopefuly my tarot images will mean different things to different people!

So, here are some of the principles I hold near and dear to my heart:

  • I believe that diversity is a good thing. We have so much to learn from one another.
  • I believe that underneath all that diversity, we are one.
  • I believe that “God” is a universal force that is in everything. You can call this force any name that helps you relate to any or all of its infinite aspects, but when it all comes down to it, it is all the same energy.
  • I believe that if one wishes to know Spirit, one should go within and know one’s self, as well as learn to recognize it in everyone and everything around us.
  • I believe that if we truly believe the principles above, there is no room for hate, judgement or abuse. We can honour others (human and otherwise), and their chosen paths. We can live, and let live. We can love. We understand that we are neither greater nor lesser than anything else in the universe. I believe that if we live this way, little else matters.
  • I believe that magic and miracles are everywhere. We need only to be willing to see, feel, hear, touch, smell and sense them.
  • I believe in magic, prayer, will, intention, and energy. I believe that they are one of the same.
  • I believe that we are all here to fulfill a contract that we ourselves have designed, (possibly with help.) It is up to us whether we choose to fulfill our contract or not.
  • I believe that we see as if behind a veil. Very little is as we perceive, or think, it to be. Time, love, karma, life and death are not what we think they are.
  • I believe in Helpers. There are many kinds of Helpers. They know who they are, and deep down inside, so do you.
  • I believe that everything is subject to the laws of evolution and attraction, yet our understanding of these principles is very limited.
  • I believe in reincarnation. I believe that Home is our Source.
  • I believe that we are all called to live in Love and Light.

The Present . . .

My love of Spirit, meditation, contemplation and exploration led me to create the Tarot of Timeless Truth. I am incredibly privileged, honoured and grateful to be of service with my work as a spiritual guide, teacher, counsellor and artist. I am excited about ever expanding my skills and applying them in ways that will be of global benefit. It is all, truly, a labour of love.

If you are interested in learning more about me and my work, please visit me at