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Four of Swords

Four of Swords from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I have been waging my battles and have grown weary. I lay down my swords and call a truce while I rest and review my plans. I challenge you also to step away from the fray. I Seek inner guidance as I rest and heal. I need peace and quiet for I cannot be prepared to go on if I do not first nurture myself to full strength.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I have lost myself in my musings. In my head I know that life has been good to me and I certainly have all I want, yet life has become stale and mundane. I am disconnected from others and feel no passion or excitement. I feel I have nothing to look forward to, so I go inside myself and lose myself in my thoughts and dreams to escape the endless monotony of my life.

Four of Wands

Four of Wands from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
My crew and I have realized a successful end to an arduous voyage. We rejoice, having put off restrictions and oppression. We claim this new land for our clan and we look forward to a bright future here. Though there is much work to be done, for the real journey has just begun, we now savor our success and celebrate our blessings with singing, dancing and feasting.