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20 – Judgement

Judgement from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I call you now to reckoning, my child. The day has come for you to face the truth about what you have created. Do not fear, my beloved, for you have judged yourself far more harshly than I ever will. You have already begun to reap the effects of your deeds, both good and bad. Remember, my child, that all humans have failings; in that you are not alone. A loving God lives within you and understands darkness as well as light. The universe is merciful and seeks balance, not vengeance.

I call you now to rise up and accept all that you are. Accept your virtues, your strengths, your weaknesses, your failings. All these are in place to help you grow and find your way back to perfect balance so that one day you will once again be able to dance among the stars. It is time to forgive, release and move beyond. Rise up and be the divine being that you were made to be.