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18 – The Moon

The Moon from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I am the mystery. I am the depths of the unknown. I am the primal part of you that longs for stillness, knowing that in stillness we find Source.

I am the energy of dreams, visions, imagination and enchantment. I offer wisdom and sight in the night if you dare to walk in the shadows or venture beneath the surface.

I wrap you in the cool comfort of my hazy glow and nurture you to health so that you can face the intensity of another day.

I am often attributed with illusion but in truth I teach that all is illusion. I am the key to breaking through illusion, for only by exploring my depths will you see beyond.

I challenge you to trust what you do not understand for in trusting the Universe, you will begin to know. When you know, there will be no more fear, no more illusion.