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16 – The Tower

The Tower from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I am the sudden force that knocks you off your comfortable throne and casts you into the sea, where you must make the decision to either sink or swim. I am the end of your world as you know it, yet I make way for something greater. I am the eruption of the volcano after many years of building pressure. I am the ripping force of an earthquake when faults are stressed too greatly. I am the sudden collapse of everything you know. The house of cards that you had built could do little else but fall for it was built on a foundation that no longer served you.

You had warnings which you chose to ignore. You knew there were changes that needed to be made, yet you chose not to make them. And so, the Universe has helped you break free of the chains that bound you so that you now have a new opportunity to create a reality that is your birthright.

When I have completed my work, you may feel as if you have nothing left, yet in time you will see that you are far richer for having experienced my power in your life. When you feel my sting, look very carefully at yourself and what you have built; recognize your folly so that you do not repeat it. Above all, that which I destroy is most often oppressive, for people become trapped in the reality they create and slowly die inside as they mechanically go through the motions of surviving. Therefore I am best perceived as the energy of sudden liberation, of freedom.

My gift is new beginnings. My challenge is to embrace inevitable change without sinking into hopelessness or self-pity. How you cope with my changes is entirely your choice.