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04 – The Emperor

The Emperor from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I am the commanding voice of authority, bringing order to the chaos of your lives. I am the stern but protecting father, ready to defend my children and my principles. I prize law and order and will take the necessary measures to uphold it. At best, I temper my control with compassion, but I am also capable of ruthlessness. My principles are high and I fully expect those around me to adhere to my established order and to appreciate the structure I have provided for them.

Be careful not to wander astray or I will mete out judgement swiftly and mercilessly. I see through the smoke and mirrors and will cut down what is not useful with my mighty sword.

Don’t waste my time with flowery sentiment. I am not moved by your sad stories. I exist solely to fulfill the role for which I have been chosen and I will not fail in this directive. If you accept my authority and find your place within my structure, you have my protection; if not, watch out.