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03 – The Empress

The Empress from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I am the Soul of Nature, providing you will all that you need — indeed, all that you could want. I am the nurturing mother, giving my body to sustain all life.

I am the Supreme Divine Feminine. From me all things come and to me all must return. All must rely on me for their existence and continued nurturing. Use my resources wisely; there is enough for all when power and greed do not hinder the flow of my generosity.

In my hand I hold the primordial egg, swirling with mystery and promise. Life teams and is ever changing. What new wonders will you witness in your lifetime?

Everything you have has been given to you through my body. What you do with the life and the gifts I have given you is up to you. Enjoy and be grateful for the abundance available to you!