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02 – The High Priestess

The High Priestess from Tarot Of Timeless Truth, Second Edition
I am the gatekeeper between the conscious and the unconscious, to the mysteries of life, the universe and your own Being. I am at home in the depths of the unknowable.

What I know cannot be explained. Mine is the language of symbolism and archetype, for mere words cannot express the wisdom I possess. My potential is unlimited. My power lies in the depths of my understanding, as deep as the deepest ocean. I see truth in flashes of divine clarity. I understand the greater mysteries of life. I do not learn what I know; I know what I know.

You come to me for answers, and I tell you that you must find your own truth. You may enter beyond the veil into knowledge only if you are willing to go deep and face the mysteries. I promise you, if you dare to venture into the depths and bring what is there to the surface, much growth and blessing will come of it.

It is natural to fear the dark unknown, but you must explore the darkness if you hope to find wisdom, if you hope to be a light in the world. Take my hand and let me be your guide into the underworld of your being. Together let’s see what treasures lie hidden in the depths.