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Court Cards

Princess Of Wands

Princess of Wands

I am the spirit of innovation and self-expression. I see the world in a new way, and can hardly contain my excitement with its possibilities. I live for the spark of inspiration which plunges me into the joy of creating something new. Even when others disapprove, I cannot help but express myself with truth. I celebrate my individuality, my originality in everything I do.

Prince Of Wands

Prince of Wands

I am a great hunter, a warrior, a hero. I will face danger when others do not dare. I succeed at everything I try. I have had many adventures and tomorrow I shall embark on yet another. I love danger; it makes me feel truly alive, and I love to feel alive. My blood runs hot. I feel the rhythmic beating of my heart in every cell of my body; I can hear its steady thump in my ears. I work hard, I play hard. I love deeply, I hate deeply. My joy can turn to anger in a flash.I love life and life loves me. I get along with everyone, for I have learned to tell them what they want to hear. My disarming smile gets me out of trouble when I fail to see promises through, and before anyone has a chance to confront me, I am usually off on a new adventure somewhere. When I love, I love with heart and soul and mind, but I tire of routine quickly. When the fires of passion cool down, I must move on. I am tied to no one and I savour my independent freedom.

Queen Of Wands

Queen Of Wands
Follow me and I will lead you out of your darkness into the light. I am the personification of the joy of living. There are so many exciting things to do and see, and I will take you places you have not dared to dream of. I bring wholehearted dedication into everything I do. I find light in every task, every situation. I am confident in my ability to create gold from even the basest of circumstances. I welcome you with open arms; all that I have I offer to share with you, for I know that I will never run out of those things that are most important to me. Together, we can overcome every challenge, climb every mountain, and together we will bask in the morning sun at the summit of our accomplishments.

King Of Wands

King Of WandsI am not a tame man. Although I am a leader, and bear responsibility well, my heart is forever free from the restraints of guilt, shame or routine. I am the fire behind all new adventures. I thrive on dynamic change. I live life to the fullest, and choose to pursue every experience I can that will bring excitement and enrichment into my life.I am the personification of courage. Having outgrown recklessness, I will nevertheless take important risks when others dare not. I live by my convictions, and guard them with passion. I am the leader of the hunt, and my people follow me, learn from me, and imitate my ways. I am the lord of the dance and celebrate life with wild enthusiasm. I love grand gestures, dramatic expression, artistic pursuits.I am a force to be reckoned with, and I command respect from everyone.

Princess Of Cups

Princess Of Cups
I am the expectant mother in all of us, dreaming of something to love, dreaming of connecting with another living being. I surround myself in beauty, peace and love. My voice is quiet, and musical. My gentle nature attracts creatures more timid than I am and I celebrate the intimacy I share with them.

Prince Of Cups

Prince Of CupsI have existed since the dawn of mankind, and evidence of me can be found in every culture, every era. I embody the qualities that make humans unique among living beings on earth. I am the lover of all things beautiful, and my life is dedicated to beauty. I create beauty with music, with art, with poetry, dreams and romance. I am emotional and imaginative. My dreams are my treasure and I am happiest living within myself. I am driven to be the best that I can be, though this tends to be difficult at times for me and for those around me.

I laugh with you, I cry with you. I feel your pain; I am here if you need to talk. I understand. I will never willingly hurt you, though I and my intentions are often misunderstood. If I seem distant and aloof, do not mistake it to mean that I don’t care. I feel everything deeply and must be ever careful to avoid drowning in the deep ocean of sorrow. My existence is an exercise in extremes – the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, the joy of creation, the anguish of self doubt.

When I am creating, I have one foot on this plane, and one in heaven. I have a constant need to feed my soul with beauty, and will go to great lengths to avoid the mundane, the menial and the dirty. Indeed, I resent anything that tears me away from my soul’s work, and will become angry and depressed if deprived for too long.

Queen Of Cups

Queen Of Cups
I am at one with the Universe. I feel the connection between us and everything in it, and when I look at you, I see God. So then, how could I ever turn away another soul in need? You don’t need to tell me what you are feeling; I already know. Every breath I take is a prayer, and your name is ever on my lips, from where it takes flight to God’s ears.

I teach you to love in the face of anger, hate and violence. I teach you to understand others and have compassion, even when they strike at you. It is not for us to judge why they do what they do; we must love them anyway for they, too, are divine, our brothers. I plead with you to see the Light in all things and treat each creature and, indeed, the earth itself, as a treasured part of yourself.

King Of Cups

King Of Cups I am the grandfather at the end of the long journey of life. I have done it all, I have seen it all. I have turned within, and have found great solace there. I have gained much experience, and now people come to me when they need my wisdom. I do not lose myself in ideals of perfection, for I understand that everything is perfect, even in its weakness. My place is not to judge, but to help. I bring peace and serenity. I offer healing for old wounds. I am supremely patient and when you fall, I am unconditionally compassionate. I am secure in my wisdom and strength. I have earned my way to this state of being.

Princess Of Swords

Princess Of Swords
I am the inventor, using my mind to work through problems analytically, logically. I have the ability and the drive to apply the fruits of my intelligence into practical applications. I have the perseverance to work through all the complications, making incremental changes and testing the result until my work is ready to be used by everyone.

I tackle all matters with directness and fairness. I honour integrity and truthfulness, even when you might not wish to face the truth.

Prince Of Swords

Prince Of Swords I am the astronomer, the scientist, the mathematician. My power is logic and reason and I live by what I am able to observe and calculate. I am not interested in what cannot be measured. I have the sharpest of minds; I am almost always right and will strongly impose my convictions on others. I am brutally honest, and have no patience if you decide to take offense with my truth.

I serve society with my findings, my knowledge, but have no time for those who see things differently than I do or refuse to alter their course of action based on the illumination my work provides. I demand respect, but will not involve myself with sentimental liaisons of any kind.

Queen Of Swords

Queen Of Swords
I am the result of years of learning, of thinking, of experiencing. I have acquired many useful skills, yet the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to know. I have learned that life and its people are best handled with a direct approach. I will tell it like it is, and others appreciate being told the truth, knowing that I speak it with no trace of judgement or malice. I have learned that any problem is best faced squarely in truth, for reality is seldom as dire as we imagine. You cannot fool me, for I can see through pretensions and hidden motives. I see things the way they really are, both good and bad. I have learned that it is better to play fairly by the rules in order to exist in peace with others. Honesty is always the best policy. I have learned many great things, the greatest of which is that we should not take ourselves too seriously, that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Our ability to laugh is one of our greatest gifts, and I use humour liberally to lighten the mood or to diffuse sticky situations.

King Of Swords

King Of Swords I am the master problem solver. I can process large amounts of information and find the solution, and with equal ease convey the answer to others. I am the just and impartial judge. I cut through chaos with truth as my sword. I see through confusion and can quickly arrive at the source of any issue. I live to the highest standards of ethics and morality, and challenge all who have contact with me to do the same.

Princess Of Pentacles

Princess Of Pentacles
I desire the finer things in life, and am not afraid of some good hard work in order to achieve them. A full belly, warm clothes, a snug home – these are my bedrock, the foundation on which my happy life is built. The extras, life’s comfortable luxuries, bring beauty into my world and feed my soul.

I feel most strongly connected with the earth, and her abundance overwhelms me and gives me great joy. I love my body and all the wonderful things it allows me to do. I marvel at every sensation, every moment of pleasure.

I am an open book. I have no hidden agenda, no underlying motives. I live life to its fullest and approach others with the same spirit of trust and commitment that I appreciate in return.

Prince Of Pentacles

Prince Of Pentacles I am the rock that you can lean on. Although I might not be the spark that ignites every party, I am the person who will plan and prepare everything to perfection for the occasion. I am the one you want around to get the job done properly every time, without fuss, without waste.

I see things exactly as they are, and often things aren’t pretty. However, when your world falls apart, I am there with practical solutions. I will help you weather the storm. I am the consummate survivor.

Queen Of Pentacles

Queen Of Pentacles
I am the supreme mother. I offer warmth, security and comfort to all. Everything I have is also yours, for we are all in this together. I will stand by you, come what may; I will never forsake you. I will help you find what you need, for my ability to provide knows no bounds. I will teach you to make do with what you have, to take care of matters that need attention in the most efficient way. Life should not be a complicated chore; it should be filled with laughter, children, furry creatures and lush greens. Together, let us celebrate this amazing gift of life, and all the beauty and abundance mother earth provides.

King Of Pentacles

King Of Pentacles I am the salt of the earth. I am the rock others stand on, the foundation on which my society is built. I bring to every effort my capable hands and my strong back. I am confident in my ability to attract all that I need in order to live life to my fullest enjoyment. I take nothing for granted. I do not delude myself into thinking that anything is mine alone for I am but a faithful steward of life’s riches. I give generously to others and in return the universe showers me with abundance. I am always careful to give back what I take so that I may not be a blight upon this earth.