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Leila Vey's Tarot Of Timeless Truth

Tarot Of Timeless Truth images are drawn from ancient Northern European pagan culture. They are rendered in a surreal photographic style, rich with colour and symbolism. These cards are not limited to a specific time frame, but draw upon images spanning thousands, even tens of thousands of years. The images, however, are just as relevant to life today as they would have been in ancient times. This is the magick of Truth, and this is why I have named this deck the Tarot of Timeless Truth.

Tarot is an amazingly useful gift for every day life. On this site, you will find information more information on these cards and supporting resources.

The first edition of Tarot Of Timeless Truth is almost sold out. However, due to popular demand, we have just begun a project to create an updated second edition. Check out the Cards menu to see the 2nd Edition cards as they become available.

I hope you enjoy looking at my cards. I extend a warm welcome to return any time. Feel free to send me feedback or comments.

Enjoy your stay.